It’s not enough to have great ads – to maximize on them you need to showcase them right. Many sites miss out on revenue because of sub-par display strategies. If you’re worried that applies to you, there are several easy fixes you can make to start earning more. In this article, you will read about ways to improve your earnings that are easily implemented.

Strategy #1: Insert Ads into Content

Most site designs distinguish between ads and content by isolating the ads. Instead of relegating the ads to the header and right rail, imbed them in the content to effectively improve visibility and click rates. Some sites feature ads that are inserted in between paragraphs, where visitors to the site will surely see them. If you’re thinking that will draw attention away from the content of the site, you are mistaken. When this is done correctly, the ads jump out from the surrounding content, but they are clearly identifiable as ads. There is plenty of technology or website maintenance services out there that makes inserting ads into less traditional locations relatively easy.

Strategy #2: Beef Up BTF Monetization

It makes the most sense for sites to focus their monetization energies on featuring the highest earning ad units, generally positioned in the most prominent sections of the page. But the less conspicuous ad real estate can yield unexpected results. One of the most common, “below the fold” monetization techniques, a Featured Content widget, highlights articles from third party sites. In lieu of large image-based units, some sites favor a link unit consisting of relevant keywords. Whichever you choose, you are sure to attract more attention.

Idea #3: Floating Ads

If you want to experiment with increasing the time visitors spend engaged with ads rather than increasing the number of ads on the page, floating ads are a great option. Increasing the time visitors have ads in front of them will raise the number of clicks and overall earnings just as effectively as putting more ads on a page. You can set up display ads to follow visitors around the site. For example, images and even videos can remain in fixed positions on a page while a visitor scrolls up and down the page. Or the left rail featuring ads remains fixed, always in view of a visitor, while the right side scrolls. Put simply, the content changes, while the ads remain visible at all times.

Idea #4: Blend Text Ads

Ads can be “disguised” so they blend in seamlessly with the content. Ads featured this way boast high click rates because at first they don’t look like ads. Another way to do this is to style ad links so they resemble the non-advertisement links on the page.

So if you monetize a site through display advertising, consider the easy-to-implement strategies featured in this article to help you improve your earnings. Putting them into action will make a noticeable impact on your ad revenue.