Can you help us manage our ad tech stack ?

Definitely. First, we will assess your ad server setup, SSP/demand sources, floor pricing, and inventory management to provide you with a plan to make your ad tech stack more efficient.

Can you help us with header-bidding ?

Absolutely. We are well-versed in header-bidding. We will choose the right demand sources and wrapper to fit your inventory.

Can you help us with our private marketplace deals ?

Yes. We will work with you from technological and strategic standpoints.

Do you handle programmatic operations or traditional ad operations ?

We are experts in programmatic operations and traditional ad operations.

Do you offer strategy or simply handle operations ?

We do both!

Do you offer technology ?

While our consulting services are vendor agnostic, we have developed technology to better service our publisher clients. Our “MediaFuse Lift” Technology is a header bidding management platform as well as a custom prebid.js adapter with unique demand.

How long are your engagements ?

Each relationship is customized to suit the needs of the client. The majority of engagements start at six weeks, but many clients choose to utilize us as their extended team for an ongoing engagement.

How much do your services cost ?

We customize each contract depending on your needs and we will work within your budget.

How much does programmatic consulting and ad operations services cost ?

We customize each contract depending on your needs and will work within your budget.

What vendors do you work with ?

We are well acquainted with the latest vendor technology; we pair our clients with vendors that best suit their particular needs (we are vendor agnostic).