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We serve as a resource to publishers to support programmatic strategy and ad operations.




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Chief Operating & Financial Officer at The Week Publications, Kevin E. Morgan, CPA

Chief Operating & Financial Officer at The Week Publications & Mental Floss, Kevin E. Morgan, CPA

I have had the pleasure of working with MediaFuse. Paul and his team consulted for us and immediately assimilated to our corporate culture. I was impressed with Paul's knowledge of programmatic ad operations. He demonstrated an ability to smoothly integrate into our Ad Ops group without being "underfoot". He and his team quickly accomplished a complete review of our ad tech stack flow and made recommendations and assisted us in implementing new, more profitable and efficient, processes. I was also impressed with Paul's excellent communication skills. I can and do strongly recommend MediaFuse without hesitation.

Evan Britton, CEO of Famous Birthdays

Evan Britton, CEO Famous Birthdays

Before we took our Ad Ops in-house, we wanted to consult with industry experts to ensure our processes and plans we’re best of breed.  MediaFuse served as great team members, and they truly cared to ensure we were in a position to succeed.  Ad Ops can get complex, but we benefited from having MediaFuse on our side throughout our engagement with them.

Jason Katz, CEO, Paltalk

MediaFuse has been of great assistance with all of our monetization efforts across multiple properties and devices, ranging from campaign management and reporting to onboarding new programmatic partners. They truly act as our in-house ad ops team.

Tom D'Agostino, VP Operations, Observer

MediaFuse has been a tremendous contributor to the success of our organization. They built our ad ops team from the ground up, trained our staff, and improved our programmatic revenue by nearly 10 times its original revenue! Their knowledge of the digital advertising space is remarkable; they keep us informed about the trends in this ever-changing landscape, so we are one step ahead of our competitors. MediaFuse works with the highest level of integrity. Their staff is easy to work with, and I highly recommend them for all services they offer.

Bill McGary, CRO, The Daily Beast

MediaFuse implemented strategies to clean up our ad tech stack, optimize our ad server, manage floor prices, provide accurate reporting, and educate our staff on the programmatic ecosystem. Within the first three months they enhanced programmatic revenue by 30%! They have been a responsive and invaluable support to our team. I highly recommend them to any publisher looking to increase their operations and drive-up revenue.