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Programmatic Advertising Solutions


We help web & app publishers maximize their advertising revenue. We do this through a variety of consulting services and ad technology.


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jason deal

Chief Strategy Officer,

Paul and his team are the real deal when it comes to digital publisher technical operations. They are knowledgeable, practical and solution-oriented. Combining industry experience with technical capabilities, they are able to provide strategic guidance, identify opportunities, and also roll up their sleeves to fix issues. Lastly, their model allows them to take a flexible approach to account services, offering the right-sized solution for their clients which makes business sense for both parties.

laura taylor

Laura Taylor, VP of Digital Operations and Development at Naylor Association Solutions

MediaFuse has been an integral part of building our programmatic business.  They quickly moved from consultant to trusted partner. MediaFuse works as an extension of our staff. They approach every project or challenge keeping our goals top priority, and then determining how they can assist us in accomplishing those goals. MediaFuse is also well connected in the industry and has allowed us to leverage those relationships in order to provide holistic solutions to grow our programmatic business. Most importantly, MediaFuse shares the same core values in business as we do: honesty, integrity and exceptional customer service.

eddie geller

Eddie Geller, Co-Founder/CEO at Tinybeans

MediaFuse has been instrumental in growing our ad platform and revenues. They really work in partnership to add value, assess opportunities and look at what’s in our best interest.

len bilello

Len Bilello, VP Consequence Media

A publisher's ad stack is like a car's engine. If you want mind blowing performance and reliability, let an experts like MediaFuse handle it.

Chief Operating & Financial Officer at The Week Publications, Kevin E. Morgan, CPA

Kevin Morgan, COO and Financial Officer, The Week & Mental Floss

MediaFuse quickly accomplished a complete review of our ad tech stack flow and made recommendations and assisted us in implementing new, more profitable and efficient, processes.

Evan Britton, CEO of Famous Birthdays

Evan Britton, CEO Famous Birthdays

MediaFuse served as great team members, and they truly cared to ensure were were in a position to succeed.

Jason Katz, CEO, Paltalk

They truly act as our in-house programmatic ops team.

tom dagastino

Tom D'Agostino, VP Operations, Observer

MediaFuse built our ad ops team from the ground up, trained our staff, and improved our programmatic revenue by nearly 10 times its original revenue!

Bill McGary, CRO, The Daily Beast

Within the first three months MediaFuse enhanced programmatic revenue by 30%!

Maximizing Your Programmatic Efficiency

While programmatic advertising may offer publishers the opportunity for increased revenue and faster growth, not all publishers are maximizing ROI according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report titled “The Programmatic Path to Profit for Publishers.”  Their...