Every day, more people are using mobile devices for consumer purposes. Programmatic mobile advertising is a method advertisers can use to best target these consumers. It utilizes sophisticated consumer tracking systems to ensure that consumers are seeing the right ads in the right places. To sum it up, the ad decisions are determined by data-fueled, automated computers to ensure that they are specific to the consumer viewing them. Knowing how this type of advertising might benefit advertisers and understanding the best aspects of this advertising method helps ad professionals to make the best decisions as to how to advertise to garner the best results for their efforts.


Whitelisting Anno 2017

There is a mobile website or application for just about every profession and interest imaginable. This creates a number of opportunities for advertisers, but not many have taken advantage of this yet. A Demand Side Platform (DSP) has the potential to put ads on approximately 200,000 individual mobile sites and apps. The range is very diverse, and it includes both mostly unknown applications and those that are rather popular. No matter a person’s profession or interests, it is not hard to find an app for it. This means that when it comes to specific products, whitelists are something advertisers can use. Whitelisting is a type of programmatic mobile advertising that is considerably practical and flexible.


Simultaneous Effort Between Wi-Fi Hotspot, Device IDs and Beacons

Advertisers utilizing a versatile DSP, both the managed service type and the self-serve option, make it possible to serve ads and upload device IDs on relevant devices. A device ID is a type of digital signature that is unique to the specific device. Wi-Fi hotspots and beacons have the potential to both observe and save them. This allows for devices to essentially collect information and provide ads that encourage consumers to take action. This type of programmatic mobile advertising is essentially based on gathered intelligence associated with a specific place, such as a college or a hospital.


Ensure Very Specific Locations for Advertisements to Reach the Intended Audience

This type of programmatic mobile advertising makes it possible to involve a wide array of mobile websites and applications in a specific ad campaign, such as with exhibition stands at a trade show event. This helps an advertiser to supply ads to a specific audience. For example, advertisers targeting nurses can use the right DSP to upload a large amount of nursing-related company addresses. Then, when a consumer goes to a website or application served by this DSP in a certain location, the ads are served to this consumer. This makes it possible to use an extremely local approach to reach thousands of different mobile websites and applications.


Consider Programmatic Mobile Advertising for your Company

As you can see, there are a number of things to consider to ensure effective and efficient programmatic mobile advertising. Having a strong understanding of the best aspects helps ad professionals to ensure that their ads are properly placed and that consumers are seeing the ads that might interest them the most. Since this is an automated process, it might also save advertisers some time since systems are making the decisions instead of people.